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  • Begrijpelijke taal

    Een communicatie is in begrijpelijke taal als de formulering, structuur en stijl zo duidelijk zijn dat het beoogde publiek gemakkelijk kan vinden wat het nodig heeft, begrijpt wat het vindt en die informatie kan gebruiken.

  • Linguagem clara

    Uma comunicação está em linguagem clara se as palavras, a estrutura e o design forem tão transparentes que os leitores a quem se dirige conseguem facilmente encontrar a informação de que precisam, compreender o que encontram e usar essa informação.

  • Plain language

    A communication is in plain language if its wording, structure, and design are so clear that the intended readers can easily find what they need, understand what they find, and use that information.

    International Plain Language Federation


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+ Trust

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“Law has to be written simply or people won’t internalise it. If they don’t internalise it, they won’t trust it.” – Philip K. Howard


I’m Deborah, a triple-national Scouser with a sharp sense of humour and a strong work ethic. I’m also a lawyer-linguist who’s allergic to legalese.

If a law degree and decade of bilingual practice teach you nothing else, you learn how to work to tight deadlines, make compelling arguments, and bridge linguistic divides.

While working on cross-border insolvencies, I also learnt how to navigate foreign legal systems and sharpened my research and language skills. Law was the natural springboard to my next challenge—specialist legal translation and, more recently, plain-language editing.

My repeat clients now include law firms, notaries, banks, insurers, pension funds, government bodies, and translation agencies.

Join this portfolio of pleased-as-punch regulars, impress judges, other lawyers, and clients with your English documents, and watch your business grow by word of mouth.


  • Bachelor of Laws (cum laude) – University of South Africa
  • Faculty medal for best law graduate – University of South Africa
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Maritime Law and Shipping Contracts – Lloyds Maritime Academy


  • Dutch to English DipTrans course – City University, London
  • Postgraduate CIOL Diploma in Translation – UK Chartered Institute of Linguists


  • Postgraduate Certificate in Editing & Revising – Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain


What do people say about my work?

  • Particularly successful features of the translation are its understanding of difficult concepts, command of style and register, and clarity of expression.

    Directorate-General TranslationInternal Revisor
  • Directorate-General Translation

    Simply outstanding.

    David SalterDirector and UK/Australian lawyer

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