Don’t worry, you won’t see Latin peppering my translations, but my work does reflect the adage Rem tene, verba sequentur (grasp the subject and the words will follow). And this will be clear when anyone reads the translation you’ve commissioned because nothing will jar or seem misplaced.

Your client will benefit from my legal training when I make the subtle distinctions so critical in a legal text, or intuitively spot anything that might have crept into your Dutch or Portuguese source texts.

No gobbledegook, unnecessary jargon, or google-de-gook machine translation from me! And no dumbing-down either. True terms of art remain. By definition, we can’t convey them in any other way. I’ll apply plain-language principles appropriate for your intended reader—a judge, another lawyer, or your client—with no loss of legal meaning or effect, and deliver ready-to-use translations written in clear, concise, and compelling English.

Legal translation isn’t just an expense, it’s an investment in your client’s case. Instead of fixed per-word pricing, I’ll assess whether your document is generalspecialised, or highly specialised, consider your required deadline, and quote you a fair project price.

My price includes full in-house revision and proofreading before delivery. But where a four-eyes approach is required, I can arrange a second proofreader (also a specialised, native-English linguist) for an added fee.

Contact me here for a quotation.

Top tip: Translation shouldn’t be an afterthought. It needs careful planning, just like your primary drafting. Please speak to me in advance so I can guarantee the necessary time in my schedule. Rushed work never yields the best results.

  • Dutch (NL/BE) or Portuguese to English
  • Law, finance, and business texts
  • Average daily output: 3,000 words