Legal writing is often a quicksand of antiquated drafting, mindlessly passed down from one generation of lawyers to the next. Doublets and triplets, trite phrases, sexist language, purple prose, and pretentious foreignisms are everywhere. It’s the 2020s for goodness sake! Time to press the reset button and use plain legal English.

I work with legal professionals whose native or second language is English to correct and add clarity to their English texts—checking all the right words are in all the right places.

You’ll get two files back from me: one ready to use and the other marked with track changes so you can accept/reject each change individually if you prefer.

We could examine the differences between editing and proofreading until the cows come home, but what’s the point? What you want (and need) is for me to do whatever’s necessary to whip your text into shape by your deadline. And that’s what my proof-editing service provides.

I’ll look at your draft to evaluate how much time I’ll need, add a small buffer for eventualities, and send you a capped quote—no nasty surprises! And if I finish quicker than anticipated, great, that means you’ll pay less.

Contact me here for a quotation.

Top tip: Take time to go through the changes and apply them in future. It will bring down your proof-editing costs considerably over time.

  • Proof-editing for native-English and English-as-second-language (ESL) lawyers
  • All areas of legal practice
  • Average daily output: 5,000 words