Legal editing

DOTTED & CROSSED works with legal professionals whose native or second language is English to correct and add clarity and persuasiveness to their English texts. Legal writing is still bogged down in a quicksand of antiquated drafting, mindlessly passed from one generation of lawyers to the next. Trite phrases, doublets and triplets, sexist language, purple prose and pretentious foreignisms are everywhere. Time now to press the reset button and recognise there is no substitute for good writing, substance and relevance.

Legal texts cannot be oversimplified, but we work with you — using our legal expertise and plain-language approach — to ensure they are not needlessly complex. And because we translate from a Germanic language while based in a Romance-language country, we can easily spot typical errors English second-language (ESL) lawyers make. So, let us ensure all the proper words are used in all the proper places, while you steadily improve your own English legal writing skills.