Legal translating

DOTTED & CROSSED is a firm believer in the Latin adage Rem tene, verba sequentur (Grasp the subject and the words will follow). And this will be clear when anyone reads the translation you have commissioned, because nothing will jar or seem misplaced. Unlike most legal translators, our managing director is legally qualified, has practised in an area of law that requires a solid understanding of finance, can make the fine distinctions so critical in a legal text, and intuitively spots and draws attention to potential legal issues in Dutch source texts.

We will assess your document as general (e.g. a statement of claim for an unpaid invoice), specialised (e.g. an annual report for a pension fund) or highly specialised (e.g. an article on admiralty law for an academic journal), consider your proposed timeframe, and quote according to your chosen pricing model. All translations are revised and proofread before delivery. But where a four-eyes approach is required, a second, independent proofreader (also a specialised, native English linguist) can be arranged for an additional fee.